Welcome to Wilde Rover

The heart of Ireland in the heart of Kirkland.

Established in 2006, Wilde Rover believes that there is no simpler form of entertainment than good food, drink, music, conversation and friends. Our philosophy on food revolves around this. Start with high quality ingredients. Add passion, integrity and technique....and friendship will endure. At Wilde Rover we strive to offer something for everyone, to bring people together with food that is simply good.



  • Wake Up at Wilde Rover with an Epic Kirkland Brunch
    Good morning! You’ve made it to the weekend—go ahead, hit the snooze. After a long week you deserve to sleep in. Once you’re up and ready for an eye-opener, join us at Wilde Rover for a delicious brunch in Kirkland! We serve our awesome brunch menu every Saturday and Sunday…
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