The Wilde Rover Guide To Pairing Beer and Food

Wine isn’t the only alcoholic beverage that pairs well with food. The multitude of flavor profiles and types of beers make this drink just as good for enjoying alongside dishes. Beer can compliment certain dishes quite nicely, but can also be as complicated as the wine realm. Here’s our beginner’s guide for pairing beer with food—try it out at Wilde Rover!

Pale/Blonde Ale: Just like white wine and seafood, lighter beers will pair best with lighter foods. Pale and blonde ales compliment fish, salad, chicken and vegetable dishes.
WR food pairing: Pear and goat cheese salad, pan-roasted chicken, Smithwicked clams, pan-seared sea scallops

IPA: The hoppiness of IPAs should be matched with equally flavorful foods, such as spicy or peppered dishes.
WR food pairing: Mumbai chaat, crispy jumbo wings, grilled rib eye

Stout: The heavy, rich flavor of stout needs a similar heaviness in a dish to stand up to its overbearing texture. Hearty foods such as steak, meat pies can compete.
WR food pairing: Guinness lamb stew, corned beef and cabbage, game pie, steak sandwich 

Porter: Dark and roasty porters are a great compliment to roasted or smoked foods, such as barbequed meats and blackened fish.
WR food pairing: Drunken pulled pork sandwich, Wilde burger, blackened chicken, salad with blackened salmon added 

Wheat, Hefeweizen, Lager, Pilsner: Like light ales, these light beers pair best with lighter meals like salads and seafood.
WR food pairing: Ancient grain and rocket salad, turkey and pork belly sandwich, salmon

Of course these are just suggestions—we recommend drinking any type of beer with any type of food! Do what tastes best to you, there’s no right answer when it comes to enjoying a brew. Cheers to that!

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